Belknap's Hidden Jewel

A secret park called

Warheim Park

In a valley surrounded by homes and neighbors, a whimsical and magical park exists. It’s waiting to be filled with playing children, laughing and running across the lawn, using the swings, playing around the gazebo, and dancing across the troll bridge.

In 1974, Hal Warheim purchased an undeveloped remnant of land bounded by residential lots fronting on Overlook Terrace, Yale Drive and Boulevard Napoleon in Louisville, Kentucky. “The Woods,” as it was called by neighborhood residents, was overgrown and unkempt, but Hal saw its potential – as a redeemed green space, and a neighborhood park that could be enjoyed by the entire community. The dream became a reality in 2004, and has been a popular gathering spot since.

Warheim Park is often described as a “secret park” due to its hidden entrance between two homes at 1832 Overlook Terrace. However, this hidden jewel is not a secret to Belknap families who use the park to let their children run off some energy and play with other neighborhood kids. We are lucky to have such a nice place to go in the middle of our neighborhood, and for it to be a community-owned and protected green space.

If you don’t have children, try visiting the park early mornings. It is quiet and serene, often not a soul around, and the only sound you’ll hear is birds singing.  

Each spring children of Belknap are invited to take part in the Annual Egg Hunt at Warheim Park, held the Saturday afternoon before Easter Sunday. 

All neighbors of all ages are welcome to gather to celebrate the arrival of spring. The egg hunt is for children 9 years and under. Bring your favorite basket to gather the eggs. It’s always a spEGGtacular time!