A neighborhood is a place where you will run into people again and again just by being outside, running errands, and enjoying coffee.

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Are you interested in becoming a member, but prefer mailing your membership? Print the attached PDF and mail it to:

Belknap Neighborhood Association
PO Box 5308
Louisville, KY 40255

Sometimes residents ask: Why should I join the Belknap Neighborhood Association ~ What will I get? That’s a good question, and there are several good reasons to be a dues-paying member, such as:

  • Voting rights at board meetings
  • Meet your Metro Councilman and District Police officer
  • Free Belknap logo t-shirt - supplies are limited
  • Biannual newsletter delivered to your door
  • Expand your circle of neighborly friends
  • Being “in the know” before everyone else

If you think a neighborhood association isn’t for you, or you’ve never really given it much thought, think about the following:

Good Neighbors Equal Good Neighborhoods

We all share common interests about the place where we live. 

For example, we are all interested in reducing crime.  Some of us are interested in resolving parking issues or litter problems while others may want more street lights or police presence. 

When neighbors join together at the association level to discuss and tackle these problems, we are stronger than individuals working alone. The BNA is a direct line to the Metro Council and other elected officials, and you’ll have the privilege of getting to know these folks and learning how city regulations work. 

Maybe a better question to ask is:

Why NOT join my neighborhood association ~ What can I GIVE?

Belknap is your home. This is where you have invested your hard-earned money, blood, sweat and probably tears.  We all care about having a safe and friendly neighborhood. 

You can become a decision-maker by attending BNA monthly meetings and giving your opinions on what affects you and your neighbors. Someday you might want to step up and be a leader. 

Don’t really want to attend meetings?  

There are fun things to do as well. 

  • Show up or help with neighborhood events such as the annual fall festival or beautification projects, 
  • Take your children or grandchildren to Warheim Park for the Easter egg hunt, 
  • Unload some of your “treasures” at the neighborhood Yard Sale in the spring,
  • Attend a meet-and-greet that the BNA board sponsors periodically: meet new people, eat a few tasty treats, and go home whenever you like, 
  • Don’t miss the annual neighborhood Christmas Party! 
  • Join the Belknap Neighborhood page on Facebook talk to neighbors, share pictures, buy and sell items, or ask for plumber recommendations.