How to join Lakeside Swim Club

There are two categories of membership in the corporation: Certificate and Associate.

Certificate members are those who own property in a designated area surrounding the club, outlined in the corporate charter.
Associate members live outside the charter area, and acquire their membership through sponsorship by a certificate member.

  • Memberships are issued annually, and begin the Saturday before Memorial Day and conclude the third Friday in May.
  • Existing Memberships are renewed annually in January – March.
  • New memberships being sponsored by a certificate member are available between January 2-March 1.
  • Full-time students may be included in a family membership if the student’s official address is the family residence.
  • Each membership is limited to family members living in the same household.
  • Children less than one year of age prior to opening day of the summer season must be listed on membership application, but are not counted for payment of dues.
  • Children one year of age and over are considered full dues-paying members.

About the Neighborhood

Welcome to Belknap Neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky.  Belknap has been described as “the neighborhood in the heart of The Highlands.”

Because of its mature shade trees, close proximity to shopping and restaurants, and annual fall festival, Belknap is known as one of the top neighborhoods in the city. It’s a friendly place to raise children, where neighbors know one another, and yards and homes are well cared for. With easy access to main roads and expressways, Belknap residents enjoy short drives to downtown Louisville and east end shopping malls. 

It’s difficult sometimes to move into the Belknap area because houses for sale don’t stay on the market for long!

There is no better time to visit Belknap than the second weekend of October! The Annual Belknap Fall Festival brings together neighbors and visitors from all over the region for two days of arts and crafts, music, food, craft beer, and family activities. 

Looking at a map, the lifeline of Belknap is Trevilian Way, a picturesque winding road that is popular with motorists, bicyclists, dog walkers, and runners. Belknap’s eastern boundary is where Trevilian Way connects with Bardstown and Taylorsville Roads. Nearby is Lakeside Swim Club, a popular family favorite since 1924. 

Belknap’s western boundary ends at Trevilian Way and Newburg Road, and just beyond that point is The Louisville Zoo, Joe Creason Park, and Louisville Nature Center. 

Belknap was recognized by Louisville Magazine in 2010 as one of the most livable and lovable neighborhoods in Louisville.  Belknap received a national newsletter award in 2012 from Neighborhoods USA, the first time a Kentucky neighborhood was recognized by this organization.

As a diverse and eclectic neighborhood ranging from young families to retirees, Belknap is also home to U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell and his wife Elaine Chao, Secretary of Labor.