Monthly Meeting - October 12, 2016

Belknap Neighborhood Association
Meeting Minutes
October 12, 2016

(Attending: Laura Heiskell, Dwight Marcus, Jonathan Raymon, Nik Snyder, J. D Franklin, Chris Ward, Hadley Hury, Amy Yuda, Lara Augustine, Tom Payette, Ann Hager, Karla Spencer, Tom Owen – Metro Council 5, Offcr. Kevin Mumphrey – LMPD 5.)

* The meeting was called to order at 7:00 by president Lara Augustine.

* On a motion by vice-president Dwight Marcus, seconded by Lara, the minutes of the September meeting were approved as posted by secretary Hadley Hury to Belknap email lists and in the closed Belknap FB group.

* Officer Mumphrey reported very light monthly crime activity. A couple of previous perpetrators were apprehended. Kevin reminded neighbors to call the 5th precinct to report any suspicious activity; it helps them in their tracking. Neighbors are also reminded that the first line of prevention to property theft is always to lock vehicle and house doors and to leave at least one exterior light on at night.

* Treasurer Nik Snyder reported that although a few bills remain to be settled the Fall Festival grossed approximately $49,000 with expenses of approx. 31,000, for an approx. net of 18,000.
BNA current balance approx. $46.000.

* Tom Owen reminded everyone of the upcoming CycLOUvia event this Sunday afternoon, October 16, and of the Brightside Clean-Up Day from 9-12 on the 22nd. He also reported on the new partnership between Solid Waste Management and Habitat’s ReStore for the recycling of leftover latex paint. Neighbors are urged to take their excess latex paint to either Solid Waste or to ReStores or their drop-off centers. The paint will be recycled for use in graffiti control and for admixed resale in four or five colors. Tom also mentioned that any interested neighbors can sign-up for the new succinctly presented crime report email-blasts from either LMPD 5th or entire city.

* Amy Yuda reported that things went as well as we could have expected re: the Belknap Condos at the recent DRC hearing. There will be minimum increased density. All new parking spaces have been reconfigured much less conspicuously to preserve all four greenspace corners of the property and are largely internal to the buildings or discreetly adjacent to the existing spaces. Amy will provide a map, and also recover our remaining retainer from our attorney.

* Laura Heiskell was thanked for her work on the recent newsletter. She has volunteered to manage its production, and the new plan is to do three newsletters a year—March, mid-summer, and before Fall festival—if that can be, as we expect, financially feasible.

* The December holiday get-together will be further discussed at the November meeting.

* On SUNDAY, OCT. 23, the neighborhood will have a Plant & Seed Exchange at Deb Reese’s house at the corner of Dundee and Fleming, from 2-4 p.m.

* There will be a Volunteer Appreciation party from 6:30-8:30 on THURSDAY, OCT. 27, at the home of Barbara Jones, 2427 Boulevard Napoleon (black iron fence). Barbara says, “the door will be open—volunteers please come in”.

Submitted by,
Hadley Hury