Monthly Meeting - March 8, 2017

Belknap Neighborhood Association
Monthly Meeting, March 8, 2017

(Attending: Jonathan Raymon, Dave Colyer, Ann Hager, Dwight Marcus, Hadley Hury, Rosie Sprawls, David Sprawls, Lara Augustine, J.D. Franklin, Nik Snyder, Officer Amy Matthis-LMPD 5th Precnt., Vince Guenthner, Louisville Water Co.)

* The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by president Lara Augustine. All in attendance briefly introduced themselves. It was good to have some of our neighbors attending for their first time. Everyone is welcome, at any and all monthly meetings—and except for the rare exceptions of unusual agendas—we are committed to holding to our 1-hour meeting time.

* The minutes from the February 8 meeting were approved on a motion by J.D. Franklin seconded by vice-president Dwight Marcus.

* Officer Matthis reported that the only three crime incidents in the neighborhood this past month were at Kroger—a woman’s wallet was taken from her purse while one of the two perpetrators distracted her with a question, and two incidents of shoplifting, all apprehended.

* Vince Guenthner offered a brief presentation of Louisville Water cost structure. His chief focus was an explanation of the fact that even though water consumption has declined slightly over the past 40 years (good, from a conservation perspective) fixed costs of provision—including fire protection—remain the same. He fielded questions re: cost categories, relation of LW and MSD, and provided a pamphlet to attendees on checking for household leaks.

* Nik Snyder, treasurer, reported that there continues to be an approximately $29,000 current balance.

* The first organizational Belknap Fall Festival planning meeting will be held at Lara’s house (Carlton Terrace @ Saratoga) at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 13. All are welcome and encouraged to come. Very informal. Come to see what you may have/want to offer in the way of helping mount one of Louisville’s premiere festivals—it’s an all-volunteer effort, there are many ways, times, and levels of commitment at which you can be involved, and it’s our neighborhood’s crucially important annual fundraising event.

* Lara reported that the website committee had met again and that all was going well. A goal of having a “shell” of the new site up by April 1—particularly for Festival activity—has been set.

* Lara also reported that Laura Heiskell is working on the newsletter, with a mailing date target around the end of March.

* A nominating committee is being formed for setting the 2017-18 proposed slate of board members and officers for election at the June meeting. Candidates for the board must have demonstrated interest, and must commit to attending the one-hour monthly meetings and one other area of contribution. If you are interested in being considered or in nominating someone else for consideration for BNA board service, please contact Hadley Hury, secretary, at or call him at 690-9880 for an application form. (If you want to put forward someone else’s name, please talk directly with that person and be certain that she or he is actually agreeable and interested before doing so.)

*Rosie Sprawls asked if there were any new updates on the Belknap Condos, and none were known. Rosie reported having seen some workmen coming and going. It was reiterated that some new units had been approved but that the property’s four corners of trees and greenspace are to be protected.

The meeting adjourned at 7:47 p.m.

Submitted by,
Hadley Hury, Secretary