Monthly Meeting - January 11, 2017

Belknap Neighborhood Association
Monthly Meeting – January 11, 2017

(In attendance: Jonathan Raymon, Laura Heiskell, Hadley Hury, Dwight Marcus, Nik Snyder, Mandy Learn, Lara Augustine, J.D. Franklin, Patricia Lambert, Robert Pieroni, Chris Ward, Karla Spencer, Barbara Jones, Officer Amy Mathis-LMPD-5th, Tina DaNike-Kroger)

• The meeting was called to order at 7:02 p.m. by president Lara Augustine and everyone in attendance briefly introduced themselves. 

• The November meeting minutes were approved as posted. Secretary Hadley Hury thanked Karla Spencer for taking the minutes in his absence, and reiterated to newcomers in attendance that the minutes are regularly posted in both the BNA email group and the closed Belknap Facebook group.

• We were pleased to welcome Tina DaNike, our Highlands Kroger’s customer service coordinator. Tina thanked the neighborhood for patronizing the store and assured us that she and the management team are committed to serving our needs efficiently. She stressed the fact that she appreciates personal communication and getting to know regular customers, and that when anyone has a question about stocking, or any other store service, asks that we find (or ask for) her, Marty the manager, or one of the other two management team members. In response to a question from Mandy about the possibility of online shopping, Tina said that it was a store goal and that she would discuss with Marty and report back.

• We were also pleased to welcome Officer Amy Mathis (who replaces Officer Kevin Mumphrey who has accepted a new post downtown) as our 5th Precinct liaison. She reported that there had been seven vehicle break-ins in the past month. All seven were unlocked with various items visible. Officer Mathis reminded everyone that this is the standard M.O. of car thiefs: they look car by car until they find one unlocked. The chief proven deterrents to crime are quite simple: (1) lock your vehicles at all times, and (2) have at least one exterior light on through the night. 

• Treasurer Nik Snyder presented his report. We currently have a balance of approximately $46,500. He also brought up some points about avoiding cyber-intrusion and ensuring the integrity of the association’s communications and finances. Discussion ensued about past and potential challenges and action steps to be taken.

• Hadley presented a year-end report on our Tree Planting & Canopy Restoration Project. He will forward the Otte invoice for 107 hardwood trees (and professional planting) to Nik. The MSD partnership grant funding check is in process, due any day, and will be immediately be given to Nik. Of the $40,125 cost, participating BNA residents’ investment and grant funding defrayed all but $11,485. MSD funding is uncertain at this time. Hadley is in touch for updates and—pursuant to a BNA executive committee budget meeting—will present a recommendation to the Board re: how many trees (regardless of that funding source) we can commit to on our own for 2017.

• The need for a new BNA website was discussed. A committee of volunteers—Mandy, Karla, Lara, Robert Pieroni, and one other resident to be confirmed—will carefully examine aims, purposes, uses, and audiences to ensure that we do not end up with an only marginally utilized site. Probable cost of design was discussed, with a desired range of $2,000 and no more than 4,000 agreed upon.

• The Warheim Park Easter Egg Hunt is scheduled for April 15. Lara asked for another volunteer to commit to arrangements and staging, and Laura agreed to help.

• Laura has also agreed to keep producing our BNA newsletter, for which everyone expressed their gratitude. It was agreed that the Spring issue will be mailed the last week of March.

• We have been advised that due to cars continually parking right up to the stop signs, yellow lines will be painted at the tri-section of Wibben, Dundee, and Yale.

• Our new Metro Councilperson, Brandon Coan, has asked that all neighbors who wish to receive District 8 and other important metro news emails, please sign onto this link:…/metro-co…/subscribe-stay-informed

• Discussion was held as to whether or not we should procure a BNA credit or debit card for purchases, especially around Festival time. Since purchases over $250 must have Board approval it was agreed for now not to do this and rely as we have done on immediate reimbursements when needed.

• Belknap Fall Festival planning will begin in April. All neighbors interested in helping plan for this event that is so important to your neighborhood association’s vitality and programming are invited. Meetings will be held once a month at first and, closer to October, twice. Various tasks for various interests—it’s a lot of work but also a lot of fun! Watch for announcements of a kick-off organizational get-together at a local establishment.

On a motion by Hadley, seconded by Karla, the meeting was adjourned at 8:17 p.m.

Submitted by,
Hadley Hury