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BNA Blossom Awards @ Belknap Fall Festival

The Blossom Award is Belknap’s highest honor and is presented annually to residents, community groups, and business owners who make Belknap a wonderful neighborhood.

This year's awards go to:

Ann Hager - For outstanding loyalty and commitment to the Belknap Neighborhood Association through Loop Clean-up and plantings and her service as the Board President in a previous year.

Dwight Marcus - Sponsorship Chair (3 years) and Board Vice-President (2 years), he brought in funds to be able to run the Belknap Fall Festival for three years straight!

Karla Spencer - Festival Co-chair and Board Treasurer, Karla has brought to the BNA a high level of organization and cooperation.

Lara Augustine - Initiated the Belknap Egg Hunt at Warheim Park, served on the Board for five years, 1 as Director, 2 as Vice-President, and 2 as President as well as serving as Chair of the Fall Festival Committee, she has provided countless volunteer hours to the mission of the BNA.

Mandy Learn - Enhanced the image and marketing of the Belknap Fall Festival to a new level of professionalism!

Heine Bros' - Has been a great neighbor to the BNA and has supported the festival and neighborhood initiatives fully!