Beer & Wine

Quench your thirst with a variety of delicious as well as Fall-inspired craft beers, cider, and wine!

Look what we have on tap!  One of America's finest Octoberfest beers will be served at the Belknap Fall Festival in our biergarten courtesy of Samuel Adams.


Sam ’76 • Octoberfest • New England IPA • Angry Orchard Apple Cider

Octoberfest • Sam Adams •  Sam 76’ •  New England IPA • Truly 
Angry Orchard Crisp • Angry Orchard Rosé • Jack-o traveler (pumpkin Ale)


Great Flood's Blond Ale and Toasted Brown Ale


Also avaliable:
Miller Lite 
14 Hands Chardonnay • 14 Hands Hot to Trot

All served in a 16 ounce reusable stadium cup you can take home!  Start your collection now!  Each year we will have a different branded cup to collect.

Please drink responsibly! We have uniformed police officers who can assist if someone has had too much to drink.