How to join Lakeside Swim Club

There are two categories of membership in the corporation: Certificate and Associate.

Certificate members are those who own property in a designated area surrounding the club, outlined in the corporate charter.
Associate members live outside the charter area, and acquire their membership through sponsorship by a certificate member.

  • Memberships are issued annually, and begin the Saturday before Memorial Day and conclude the third Friday in May.
  • Existing Memberships are renewed annually in January – March.
  • New memberships being sponsored by a certificate member are available between January 2-March 1.
  • Full-time students may be included in a family membership if the student’s official address is the family residence.
  • Each membership is limited to family members living in the same household.
  • Children less than one year of age prior to opening day of the summer season must be listed on membership application, but are not counted for payment of dues.
  • Children one year of age and over are considered full dues-paying members.